by Michael J. Deeb

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Michael J. Deeb

is the author of seven novels which take place during the American Civil War.

The Drieborg Chronicles

Duty and Honor is the first novel of The Drieborg Chronicles.
Duty Accomplished is the second novel.
In Honor Restored the character Michael returns to the life of a farmer.
In the fourth novel, The Lincoln Assassination Michael Drieborg works with a team of marshals.
The title 1860 America Moves Toward War explores the issues at stake in the 1860 elections.

  • A Great Read!
    I couldn’t put this book down once I got started. The detail was great and I really like the main character, Michael. Knowing that so much research went into this book made it exciting to read!


Civil War Novels


Michael J. Deeb

Dr. Deeb published his first Civil War era historical novel, Duty and Honor in 2007. The second novel in this trilogy, Duty Accomplished was published in 2008, the third, Honor Restored in 2009.

There are now 5 Civil War Novels in The Drieborg Trilogy.

These novels follow the story of Michael Drieborg, a naive farm boy, as he serves in the Union Cavalry becoming a seasoned cavalryman. From the harshness of training camp we see Michael drawn into the intrigues of Washington D.C. and the arms of the congressman’s daughter. Wounded at Gettysburg he only survives to be later captured and sent to Andersonville Prison.


Enjoy this video depicting Duty and Honor.