by Michael J. Deeb

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  • “People of integrity will identify with and be drawn into the life of the lead character. A young small town farm boy who after standing on his principles was thrust into the world of war, politics and the lack of character in leadership on all levels. You will find yourself drawn back after each chapter, rooting for Michael and wishing for his success.”

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The Way West



This is the 6th novel of The Drieborg Chronicles.

The Civil War ended in May of 1865. But, war raged on with the Indian Nations in the American West.

The novel, The Way West, takes the reader back to that time. Read of the life and dangers on the American Frontier through the eyes of the wives and children of military families assigned to duty there.

The Drieborg’s youngest son, Jacob, and his friend, Kenny Hecht, run away to join the United States cavalry serving in the West. After years of service and enrollment at West Point Military Academy, they are assigned, as officers, to the newly formed 10th Negro Cavalry Regiment, stationed at Fort Hays, Kansas.

Soon after their arrival, the two new lieutenants are sent on a mission to rescue a trainload of military families under attack by the war-chief Roman-Nose and his Dog Soldiers.

This sixth and final novel in the Drieborg Chronicles, will take you, from the Drieborg home in Michigan, to the violence of Charleston, South Carolina and, from the rivalries and intrigue of West Point Military Academy, to a savage war of survival on the Kansas Plaines.

Read the entire story in this 6th and final installment of the Drieborg Chronicles.


You will find yourself drawn back after each chapter, rooting for Michael and wishing for his success.”Dan – B&N

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Praise for Michael Deeb’s “The Drieborg Chronicles”

This is as much action as anyone could wish for in this novel.
The plot is not limited to the war. —it is only one facet in a
complicated scenario that holds the reader’s interest.


The Civil War Chronicle

“…a stimulating series with strong character development that
holds the reader’s attention throughout.”

Robert Lockwood Mills, author and historian