by Michael J. Deeb

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Michael J. Deeb

is the author of seven novels which take place during the American Civil War known as The Drieborg Chronicles.
Duty and Honor is the first novel of The Drieborg Chronicles.
Duty Accomplished is the second novel.
In Honor Restored the character Michael returns to the life of a farmer.
In the fourth novel, The Lincoln Assassination Michael Drieborg works with a team of marshals.
The title 1860 America Moves Toward War explores the issues at stake in the 1860 elections.
In The Way West, Michael Drieborg's youngest son runs away to join the US Cavalry in the West. Civil War Prisons follows the fate of both Union and Confederate captives and the quality of life they each endured during their confinement.

Mike Deeb, with co-writer Robert Lockwood Mills, has also penned two novels which explore the Kennedy Assassination and attempts to answer the question, "Did Oswald Really Act Alone?" Learn more at

Michael also blogs on the Website, telling the stories of the freest people on earth.

  • A Great Read!
    I couldn’t put this book down once I got started. The detail was great and I really like the main character, Michael. Knowing that so much research went into this book made it exciting to read!


About Michael J. Deeb

Dr. Michael J. Deeb was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His undergraduate education was completed at Aquinas College. He earned a Master’s degree from Michigan State University and a Doctorate from Wayne State University. He was an educator for nineteen years, most of which saw him teaching American history.


His personal life found him as a pre-teen spending after school time regularly at the Grand Rapids Public Library waiting for the YMCA across the street to open. His favorite section of the library was the one devoted to non-fiction history. Teaching at the college, university and high school levels only increased his passion for reading and research.


Since 2005, he and his wife Sally Dittman have lived in Sun City Center, Florida. In the fall of 2007, he finished the Civil War era historical novel Duty and Honor.  This began a series of books featuring a Lowell, Michigan farm family and their son who went off to war. The sequel, Duty Accomplished, was completed in 2008. Honor Restored was made available in 2009. The Lincoln Assassination was published in 20011 and was followed by 1860 in 2012. The concluding book in the six book Drieborg Chronicles series, The Way West, was finished in 2013.


Dr. Deeb is currently an American Civil War presenter for the American Cruise Lines ships traveling the Mississippi River and the American Southeast coast. He just finished a historical novel on the Kennedy assassination which addressed the question, “Was Oswald the only assassin?”

Dr. Deeb is also an avid amateur water-colorist. He paints pictures of nature, holiday themes, and the countryside.

Click here to see the gallery of Dr. Deeb’s watercolor images.