by Michael J. Deeb

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Michael J. Deeb

is the author of seven novels which take place during the American Civil War known as The Drieborg Chronicles.
Duty and Honor is the first novel of The Drieborg Chronicles.
Duty Accomplished is the second novel.
In Honor Restored the character Michael returns to the life of a farmer.
In the fourth novel, The Lincoln Assassination Michael Drieborg works with a team of marshals.
The title 1860 America Moves Toward War explores the issues at stake in the 1860 elections.
In The Way West, Michael Drieborg's youngest son runs away to join the US Cavalry in the West. Civil War Prisons follows the fate of both Union and Confederate captives and the quality of life they each endured during their confinement.

Mike Deeb, with co-writer Robert Lockwood Mills, has also penned two novels which explore the Kennedy Assassination and attempts to answer the question, "Did Oswald Really Act Alone?" Learn more at

Michael also blogs on the Website, telling the stories of the freest people on earth.

  • A Great Read!
    I couldn’t put this book down once I got started. The detail was great and I really like the main character, Michael. Knowing that so much research went into this book made it exciting to read!


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Terror in the South: The KKK and the Union League

Terror In The South: The KKK and the Union League.


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This historical novel is the eighth book in the Drieborg Chronicles. Marshal Michael Drieborg and his wife, Mary Jacqueline to to Georgia at the request of his mentor, Congressman William Kellogg. There, Mike’s team encounters the leaders of the local Freedman’s Bureau and their military arm, the Union League.


Once their mission in Georgia is concluded, they then take their son Charles to Edisto Island in South Carolina. There, he joins the island locals in successfully fighting off the attacks of the other southern terrorist group, the KKK.


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