by Michael J. Deeb

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Michael J. Deeb

is the author of seven novels which take place during the American Civil War known as The Drieborg Chronicles.
Duty and Honor is the first novel of The Drieborg Chronicles.
Duty Accomplished is the second novel.
In Honor Restored the character Michael returns to the life of a farmer.
In the fourth novel, The Lincoln Assassination Michael Drieborg works with a team of marshals.
The title 1860 America Moves Toward War explores the issues at stake in the 1860 elections.
In The Way West, Michael Drieborg's youngest son runs away to join the US Cavalry in the West. Civil War Prisons follows the fate of both Union and Confederate captives and the quality of life they each endured during their confinement.

Mike Deeb, with co-writer Robert Lockwood Mills, has also penned two novels which explore the Kennedy Assassination and attempts to answer the question, "Did Oswald Really Act Alone?" Learn more at

Michael also blogs on the Website, telling the stories of the freest people on earth.

  • A Great Read!
    I couldn’t put this book down once I got started. The detail was great and I really like the main character, Michael. Knowing that so much research went into this book made it exciting to read!


Who Killed Kennedy?

I thought it would be nice to take a break from my mini lessons on the Civil War. In addition to my Civil War series, The Drieborg Chronicles, I co-authored a two-volume historical fiction account entitled The Kennedy Assassination: Was Oswald the Only Assassin? (volume 1) and Why Was Kennedy Killed? (volume 2).
Did Oswald act alone?
Fact: Both the FBI Report and the Warren Commission Report insisted that three shots were fired by Oswald and all from behind President Kennedy.
But: Several doctors who treated the president at Parkland Hospital swore that there was an entry wound in the President’s throat.
Therefore, there was someone firing at President Kennedy from the front as well, or all those emergency room doctors lied under oath.
Fact: Governor Connelly was hit in the back by a bullet 1.8 seconds after the President was hit in his back by the first bullet fired.
But: Expert riflemen could not fire Oswald’s weapon a second time within that time frame.
Therefore, there must have been a second shooter firing from the rear of President Kennedy.
The Kennedy Assassination: Was Oswald the Only Assassin?
The FBI insisted that one man killed President John F. Kennedy. The Warren Commission agreed. But since those hurried investigations were completed, many skeptics have disagreed with both declarations. On the contrary, they contend that there had to have been multiple assassins involved in the assassination, not just one.
In this historical novel, the readers will be led through the evidence to judge for themselves.
Credible witnesses, law enforcement officials, bystanders and medical professionals had their testimonies either ignored or falsified. Now, for the first time since the FBI investigation of 1963 and the Warren Commission study of 1964, they will be allowed to tell once again what they saw and heard on November 22, 1963, in Dallas.
Michael Burke and Harold Ryan will interview the same witnesses and look at the same evidence available to the FBI and the Warren Commission’s investigators. Now, for the first
time since the Kennedy assassination, readers will have an opportunity to hear their testimonies, see the evidence and answer the central question for themselves.
Was Oswald the only assassin in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963?